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Perfectly organized IT event

We will:

✅ design an algorithm for the event

✅ provide full support for the event by qualified personnel and material&technical base

✅ generate non-standard solutions and formats of communication with event participants

✅ we will carry out video and photo accompaniment of the event and many other tasks

✅ creatively solve any problem









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Want to get a free budget calculation of your future IT event?

We will evaluate the problem, ask questions, form several ideas, propose implementation mechanics, and select locations.

Your manager – Olga Kovalchuk

Kateryna Bokhynska, PrJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”
Communications executive

For almost two years of cooperation with the ARENA CS team we have managed to organize a number of internal events and projects for our colleagues: small meetings for 20 people, live broadcast of the domestic event throughout Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova, numerous events – conferences in Kyiv and beyond, and a large-scale New Year celebration for more than 1,000 company employees.

During this time, the ARENA CS team repeatedly convinced us in their professionalism and creativity, the ability to get out of any situation and frameworks and to leave pleasant emotions and impressions after each project. The great advantages of the team are 24/7 availability, the realization of our most insane wishes and ideas, a constantly friendly attitude, and a 100% impact on the project.

Sincerely grateful to ARENA CS for our productive cooperation at the highest level. We will gladly entrust the realization of the following activities to them!

order an IT event, agency for organizing IT events

ARENA CS has 70 event managers with the coolest ideas just for you

The UN, Philip Morris, BASF, Porsche and many others work with us

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Your manager – Olga Kovalchuk

organization of IT event, organize an event for the IT sector

How can an event agency be useful for IT events?

Homemade bread is better than a loaf from a bakery. It is a fact. But try bake bread and cook for 50-100 guests at home, in your own kitchen. It will not go well. Fatigue and lack of experience will make themselves felt. You will make many mistakes, and in the process you will spoil relations with people who will have to eat it.

The same analogy can be drawn with the organization of the event. On the one hand, everything is clear: make a plan and a scenario, find a location, invite guests, rent equipment… You can do it yourself. On the other hand – the company’s image is at stake, the likelihood of falling in the mud in front of a serious audience, the risk of not being in time, going beyond budget…

Now the event is a tool in the fight for the audience, customers, status, market. Expectations from events are high, and quality requirements too. There can’t be any “amateur activity”. You need a team that is ready to take on the solution of all problems, be responsible for effectiveness, and provide results on the first try.

What are the benefits of collaborating with an event agency?

The main advantage for the customer is cooperation with an experienced professional partner who works 24/7 and performs all relevant work. These are hundreds and even thousands of processes, many of which require simultaneous organizational decisions. This includes preparation of the event, implementation, installation and dismantling, other key operations. And for each of them the partner is fully responsible.

The client is freed from this routine. He is only invited to choose and approve solutions, enjoy a well-organized event, not worry and engage in his own narrowly targeted tasks.

What is the magic?

It’s clear: the event management team has experience and well-established communications. What else? Event agency staff:

  • works well, and everyone has a circle of responsibilities;
  • knows industry standards, norms, and laws
  • represents ways to solve each problem.

“Let’s try and see if it works out” – is wrong thinking when organizing an event. Professionals do not work “intuitively”. They use tools that really work and give fast needed results.

The backstage of the event: how the organization goes

So, the theoretical “ease” and “clarity” of the process of organizing an event are just speculation. In fact, high-quality event preparation is the simultaneous solution of hundreds of tasks. For understanding, this is what the event company team can provide:

  1. Personal manager. One specialist interacts with the customer and brings the client’s requirements to the team, knows the current processes, is personally responsible for timeliness and quality.
  2. The choice of location. Expert advice on selecting a venue for the event, in accordance with its purpose. Accounting for budget opportunities, search for the best quality place.
  3. Technical support. Supply through the contractors of a complex of equipment in accordance with the terms of reference of the event and location conditions. Engineering support.
  4. Thoughtful logistics. Timely dispatch of tickets for participants, meeting at airports and train stations, accommodation, consultation for guests, personal guide services. Logistics on the site for the event – is the delivery and unloading of equipment, installation, placement and verification of impeccable work.
  5. Reliable contractors. In the process of organizing thousands of events, a list of companies has been formed that can be entrusted with organizational processes: equipment supply, catering, printing, etc. Additional advantage: affiliate prices.
  6. Signing of the contract and reporting. Formal relationships imply a high level of responsibility. After the event, the team generates reports: on the number of guests, the average time spent at the event, reactions, publications in the media, etc.

And that’s not all. The team of the event agency selects a conceptual program, creates a scenario, develops visual solutions for the event, creates briefs for the staff, invites artists and top speakers, creates the conditions for their arrival, accommodation and performance.

To summarize, the interaction with the event company is:

  1. Quality assurance.
  2. Saving money, nerves, time.
  3. Bet on experience and knowledge.
  4. Minimization of risks.
  5. Goals achievement.