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Organization of a summer corporate party for the company, summer corporate party Kiev

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Your manager – Olga Kovalchuk

Kateryna Bokhynska, PrJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”
Communications executive

For almost two years of cooperation with the ARENA CS team we have managed to organize a number of internal events and projects for our colleagues: small meetings for 20 people, live broadcast of the domestic event throughout Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova, numerous events – conferences in Kyiv and beyond, and a large-scale New Year celebration for more than 1,000 company employees.

During this time, the ARENA CS team repeatedly convinced us in their professionalism and creativity, the ability to get out of any situation and frameworks and to leave pleasant emotions and impressions after each project. The great advantages of the team are 24/7 availability, the realization of our most insane wishes and ideas, a constantly friendly attitude, and a 100% impact on the project.

Sincerely grateful to ARENA CS for our productive cooperation at the highest level. We will gladly entrust the realization of the following activities to them!

Corporate party 2020, organization of the corporate events Kyiv

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Your manager – Olga Kovalchuk

Corporate summer event, an agency for organizing a summer corporate party

Summer Corporate Party: how to turn a celebration into an effective HR investment

Summer corporate event is a powerful tool that can increase the effectiveness of the company’s HR strategy. This is understood by many business owners. Therefore, now the event is not considered as a “barbecue” trip. Summer party is an opportunity to increase the employee loyalty, increase efficiency, achieve emotional involvement.

ARENA CS knows how to organize a corporate summer event, taking into account current trends and the ability to implement business strategies. We are ready to share some aspects with our readers.

3 trends in organizing a summer corporate party for a company

An effective summer event is an exciting event for guests and a practical event from a management point of view.

Trend #1. HR-solutions

Recently, the summer corporate event was not considered as an HR tool. Employers simply did not consider a summer exit event as a necessary one: at most they simply invited employees to a barbecue and to spend some time in the fresh air. Now the trend of organizing summer retreats for the company has been supplemented. The event should realize business goals:

  • increase in staff efficiency;
  • improve emotional involvement;
  • increase cohesion;
  • create an atmosphere for further productive teamwork.

Conclusion: the format of a picnic is no longer in trend. Corporate party in the summer is a carefully organized event with a set of thoughtful team tasks.

Trend #2. Brand Promotion

The organization of a summer corporate party for a company affects all aspects of corporate culture. The scenario should reflect the values ​​of the company, create a unique atmosphere, arouse pride in involvement into the company, brand.

Conclusion: a cheerful corporate party in the summer is an event, created solely on the basis of an individual scenario. No one-size-fits-all scenarios and solutions “like competitors do”.

Trend #3. Non-standard location

Many event companies are accustomed to organizing a turnkey exit corporate event in a rented banquet hall in a suburban complex. Undoubtedly, this is convenient: the usual location, well-trained staff … But does it always correspond to the objectives of the holiday?

Conclusion: a place for a summer corporate party should meet the concept. Perhaps it will be a cottage by the pond, a cinema hall, a forest or an airport terminal. Creating an atmosphere is half the success of organizing a memorable holiday.

Organization of corporate events in economic and conceptual terms

Summer party 2020: concept

The main thing is not to spend a summer corporate party for a company without a clearly formulated idea. The holiday should solve specific tasks: determine the role of each employee, raise the mood, strengthen the corporate spirit. Useless chic is replaced by social orientation and team building. They can be served in a “wrapper” of an exciting retreat.

Summer corporate event: the right investment

Why organize an ordinary barbecue gathering? Is there a need to save money when organizing an exit event? Many companies recognize the importance of summer corporate events and sometimes invest even more in them than in New Year’s ones. This is facilitated by warm weather and more opportunities to organize interesting activities. In addition, creative locations in nature are usually cheaper than a huge banquet hall in the center. Trends now: catering, suburban locations, thematic events, contests involving people in team solving problems.

Turnkey summer corporate expenses should be considered as an investment. It should bring income in the form of motivated personnel who are proud of their involvement in the company and are ready to work productively and harmoniously.

New technologies in organizing summer corporate events

Digitalization covers all areas – including the organization of corporate events in Kiev. Digital tools are actively used in offline formats. An example is the creation of channels in Telegram or chat bots. They are used as tools for teasing campaigns, as well as online guides on locations or instant messengers. Other options:

  1. In many locations, separate zones under VR are distinguished. Virtual reality can also be used to realize the goals of the summer corporate party.
  2. The development of specialized mobile applications – for example, for a flash mob or competition, announcements of an upcoming off-site corporate party.
  3. The use of interactive technologies at photo and video zones (Instagram-mirrors, thematic photo booths with instant publication in social networks, etc.).
  4. Preparation of high-quality video content, involving employees, management.
  5. Preparation of a location as a platform with a large number of zones and activities: including zones for children and family members of employees.

Stages of organizing a summer holiday

Of course, it is better to order a corporate event at an event organization agency. But knowing the order of preparation for the holiday will not hurt: it will help to implement the necessary HR strategy.

Set goals

Do not lower your budget, but invest money. Determine what management goals an agency must implement to organize a corporate party. It could be:

  • leisure of employees;
  • motivation of employees to work in an informal setting;
  • creating a team spirit;
  • formation of a successful brand image;
  • implementation of corporate culture values.

Set 1-2 goals.

Who is celebrating?

In the process of organizing a summer corporate party, you need to create a list of guests. In small companies, this is obvious. How can brands with hundreds or thousands of employees celebrate the event? Options:

  • organize an exit corporate party for the most active and distinguished employees;
  • create a separate event for each structural unit;
  • organize informal competitions between structural units in a holiday format.

Additionally, you need to decide: is this an event exclusively for employees or for their families too? Should you invite those on vacation (including maternity)? The answers to the questions lie in the plane of the set goals.

Choose format

The decision depends on the specialization of the company, the average age of employees, staff. Universal solutions:

  • an informal holiday in office format;
  • a “protocol” event with thorough preparation and formation of expectations;
  • a complex event with a business and entertainment part;
  • a secret surprise party;
  • a unique event
  • team building and games.

Make a plan

Corporate event organization in Kiev can be based on such key points of the plan:

  • performance of the top management;
  • motivational speech to employees;
  • team building in the format of the entertainment part;
  • breaks for acquaintance with interactive and other entertaining zones;
  • feeding guests

All this can be done in non-standard modern formats.

The “boring” part

After agreeing on the goals, plans, concepts, scenarios, locations and budgets, the summer corporate event agency searches for contractors, rents sites and equipment, and does a full range of preparatory work. The next turn is on the corporate event itself and debriefing.

Instead of an afterword

From the point of view of the customer, a summer corporate event is an investment in personnel that pays off by involvement, growth of efficiency and positive perception of the employer. Organizing standard “gatherings” is ineffective. To achieve that employees come to work with a smile is quite real. But it is important to entrust organizational tasks not to regular employees or an HR manager, but to an experienced event agency.