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Your corporate event has to be successful!

Yulia Gulevych 07.09.2018

Today, a corporate event is an important aspect in life of a company. And employers begin to understand its importance more and more, and to pay deserved attention to organization of entertaining…

What would be an ideal corporative event’s organizer?       

Yulia Gulevych 06.09.2018

Corporative event’s organizer is the ARENA CS - the leading company which is ready to satisfy all clients’ wishes and to cope with all tasks quicker and more qualitative, than all the…

“Event manager” – a job to your liking: myth or reality?

Yulia Gulevych 05.09.2018

Event manager is one of the most exciting professions today. Many job seekers present the event manager profession in a very romantic light. Let's figure out who an event manager is and…

How to find good courses of the event manager (Kiev)

Yulia Gulevych 04.09.2018

Today, market of professions is changing actively. Country develops, aspires to the western values, people learn to appreciate not money, but emotions.  And, because of that, we have a real boom of…

Yana Matviychuk: how to create the best event agency and put together a team of experts in the event industry

Yulia Gulevych 16.08.2018

Yana Matviychuk is a businesswoman, who is an owner of creative event agency ARENA CS, a host. Yana created multimillion businesses from $300. More than 7000 events were realized by her company…

How to impress an event manager?

Yulia Gulevych 10.05.2018

What kind of event will be remarkable for those, who organize and hold events? What can impress event managers? The skilled event manager saw much, was in the improbable number of places,…

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